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  1. HI Lion window and doors,

    i need to replace the front door of my condo at 2134 oak street in Santa monica. as you can see from this image it’s got old, worn down and has a big crack in it.

    this is a rental property of mine so i don’t need to have the fanciest or most expensive option. however, i do want a nice looking, sold door that will be properly finished so it will last for years to come.

    i live out of the country but i have someone who is helping me to manage the property. right now, the unit is empty as I am in between tenants so it’s a good time to do these repairs. there are other contractors working at the place this week if you’re able to stop by to replace the door otherwise i can arrange a time for someone to let you in next week if you’re available.

    could you provide me a quote for a couple of different price options for wood doors and what it would cost to replace (all included)?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


  2. Hello, my name is Isaac E. Levy (818-257-9828) and I am looking to upgrade my condominium, with new windows/doors. We only want a true “WOOD” products that will be dual pane, temper glass, and UV protected. This is to meet Calif standards. We want the clearest glass possible with NO GRIDS at all.

    Estimates for wood “custom made” doors are quite severe and would put us out of the market, as we need it all done at one time, or not done at all.

    What would work best for us, are “off-the-shelf” standard size items, mass produced, and reasonably priced.

    I need Wood door/window (no grids!) that can “fitted” (trimmed) to these openings:

    36”W X 89”H One

    30”W X 89”H Two

    43”W X 84”H Two

    43”W X 12”H Two NOTE!! These two windows, need to be “open” slider windows, (NOT tempered) with screens, and will “sit”                             on top of the windows which are 43”x84”     Total opening is 42 1/2”W X 96” each

  3. Looking to replace old aluminum sliding windows with new energy windows basic because it is a rental property

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